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American FOURTH WAY TEACHING... in New York

-*-*-*-This is "BEING PRESENT"/The Fourth Way website - from New York City USA-*-*-*--

This is an offer of assistance... for those sincerely interested in THE FOURTH WAY --- (an ancient system of mental/psychological/emotional development... lately "rephrased" for the modern "scientific" thinking mind).

If you already know about THE FOURTH WAY, and are seeking guidance to develop for it... you are welcomed to begin a dialogue here... Go on to page three of this site, then return to this page and e-mail. If you wish to learn about THE FOURTH WAY .. it is suggested you will benefit from reading IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS by P.D. Ouspensky--usually found under philosophy in most large bookshops.

If you interest kindles...other people whose words you may find useful to consider are listed below. These writings represent various stages of "development" of the authors' understandings... each has something to offer to the spiritually hungry mind. Called to your attention are the writings of...

***The very sacred --George I. Gurdjieff ***The most heartfelt--Rodney Collin ***Dr. Maurice Nicol ***J.G. Bennett ***A.R. Orage ***Kenneth Walker ***D. E. Harding ***Joseph Chilton Pearce

You may also benefit from reading either of both of these "novels":

The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin - by the honourable Peter D. Ouspensky

The Magus - by literary author John Fowles


"The word of the day is yearning.

There is no yearning in a state of consciousness, but one must yearn to get there. - - - - - - - We must yearn to return to our original pure state of humanity, which lies dormant within us, and is covered over, denied, and threatend, by the 'false' personality we inherited from the other misguided and lost beings around us. Longing, yearning...for what is real.. is crucial, or we shall have what is false --and no more. The true world must be paid for, by giving up what is false. But that is easier said than done. Awakening ...... is a difficult process."

Author of this site


"But if nothing seems better to you than the deity which dwells within you... leave yourself no room for any rival pursuits."

Marcus Aurelius - Meditations


"The WAY A PERSON LIVES has to do with mentation (viewpoints, and thinking), feeling (emotions, attitudes, discernment), sensing (instinct) and movement (physical orientatation and activity within the environment).

If you watch, listen to, and discern people can see that people in general.. are without God in their lives.

Can you say this is the fault of God? Has not God (the word of God, the messengers of God, the works of God)...been given plentifully to man?

What have we as a species done with the awareness of God we have? Essentially...denied it.

What is the peril of this? Can you imagine what it could be for us?

One who is devout and honoring of the beauty of God's creation does not rightly call others to discover the vibrance of Higher Influence with an UNDUE injunction of fear, but SOMETIMES fear is appropriate.

What will become of man and woman, if they do not consciously SERVE God?

The clear indication God wants something from you OF A SPECIAL DISTINCTION .. is that you were given the power to reflect.

If your judgement on matters of mental/emotional/instinctive UNDERSTANDING were not critical to your purpose for being, you would have been given ONLY genetic programming. Nature is frugal. And wise. In general, wiser than man.

What propels man to clone sheep, but ignore God?"

Author of this site

"Probabaly the most useful thing for you to understand of the Fourth Way... is that it is a means by which you may become closer to God."

Author of this site

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"The sun is seen to pour down and expend itself in all directions, yet is never exhausted. For this downpouring is but a self-extension; sunbeams, in fact, derive their very name from the word signifying 'to be extended'. To understand the property of a sunbeam, watch the light as it streams into a darkened room through a narrow chink. It prolongs itself forward in a straight line, until it is held up by encountering some solid body which blocks its passage to the air beyond; and then it remains at rest there, without slipping off or falling away. The emission, and the diffusion, of thought should be the counterpart of this; not exhausting, but simply extending itself; not dashing violently or furiously against the obstacles it encounters, nor yet falling away in despair; but holding its ground and lighting up that upon which it rests. Failure to transmit it is mere self-deprivation of light."

(Marcus Aurelius)

"The possibility of higher states of consciousness (in the human organism) precisely depends upon certain fine matters produced by the body... being subject to the person's ATTENTION."

" Worldly 'powers' have nothing to do with 'being'. A strong person is not necessarily a good person. A strong human may use their strength to labor for others, or to force others to work for them, or again he or she may be too lazy to use their power at all. These three possibilities refer to difference in (inner) being.

(Rodney Collin - Fourth Way Teacher - 1950's)

(Comment from author of this site: "Strength is required for this work, increasing accumulation of strength, but COMBINED with rightness of being, and growing ascention of being. Otherwise, imbalance of inner being results and further development is threatened or negated.")