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This is the preface page to this site. Read text, then click to page two for more. FOURTH WAY material:

"You have presumably come here because you are curious... to find Higher influence. The Fourth Way is Higher influence. The only way to understand this material is to gradually become it. You cannot understand THE FOURTH WAY staying the same as you were yesterday. When George Gurdjieff, and Peter Ouspensky said man is a sleeping machine and all the people you know are asleep, they were not using metaphor, they were speaking facts. Facts so hard to digest, they are literal shocks. There are many people discussing knowledge that was left by Mr. Gurdjieff and Mr. Ouspensky and trying to "work" with it. This is good at a certain stage, but can only take you so far. If you are serious... you must seek Higher guidance than fragments of knowledge. Mr. Ouspensky did and it brought him meaningful results. At the same time this is not "the Gurdjieff work". The Fourth way is.. the Fourth Way, and truthfully, Mr. Gurdjieff would not have wanted it called the "Gurdjieff" work. He called it (his nomenclature)... the Fourth Way. In perspective though, what's in a name? The more important issue is... can you (wake up)... remember yourself? Do you know what it means? Can you do it?

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"The (person who has succeeded in this Work--the Fourth Way)... will "remember himself"... for him consciousness will not be dependent on special associations, but will be that which accompanies them always, fasting or drinking wine, alone or in a crowd, laboring or meditating. It will be that which... lights up all that happens."

Rodney Collin

"What is the first characteristic of self-remembering? In this state (the individual person) is not the center. He or she is not 'separate'. Sitting in a room... they are aware of the WHOLE ROOM, of themself as only one of the objects in it. They are likewise aware of others and do not put themself above others, or criticize or judge. This is not love but is the beginning of love. In this state a person has no 'self' as they usually are aware of it. It is quite impossible for them to consider or become negative, for they moment they do, the state will vanish."

George Gurdjieff

"A student must search out and select the 'Teacher', as much as the teaching individual must discern and 'accept' who they feel is a capable and valuable 'Student'. Be aware not just of what you seek; be equally as curious as to what you offer. Do you have within what deserves a Teacher's time, attention, and giving... from the fountain of this historical, sacred, and great Work?"

"It is a new era. One must not dwell too much on the form of the work of Messrs. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky... although one ought to pay great attention to what they left and brought forward. Now though, listen to the wind... and feel the particular breeze of the moment. What you are being taught this second is less a matter of words, than how to part the clouds of your false personality and see with your genuine eyes of childlike clarity. Be here... and be clear. See what you know. It is simple, and high, and marvelous. This is a moment you have been waiting for, but a moment without waiting."

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******************************************** The capacity to LOVE Consciously (when developed) marks the highest achievement in earthly life for a human being **** **** **** The Fourth Way is... a means of contacting "Higher influence".. and connecting with it... for the purpose of WORK to "awaken" your soul.

One of the highest things Mr. Gurdjieff ever said is that - The Fourth Way (as he acquainted us with it) IS -- esoteric Christianity.

Inpsiration is needed... if your soul hungers.

Your soul is material. Incomplete. Undeveloped. A potential "being" within your body, but of separate, higher matter, and higher consciousness.

It must be fed. Or it will not grow. It will not become... a complete being (distinct from your earthly body).

Soul grows from your "essence" (not your "personality"). Your personality comes from people around you. Your essence comes from nature. Your essense is more "real". More "you".

It is of ... different energy and "being" than your personality.

The means to feeding (your soul) is your "conscience". When personality is bypassed, and your conscience is contacted, food can go to your soul. Your soul can enliven, grow.

Some teachers say you have no "soul" as you are. This means, you only have a potential for a completed soul.

Your FATHER in heaven is trying to speak to you, but you cannot hear, because of the state of being with which you currently exist. To hear you have to BE. To BE, you have to learn, sacrifice, understand, and care... to serve... the "magnificence" of the universe. Finding out what is the "magnificence" of the universe, is a big job. But it begins... day by day, inch by inch, moment by moment, second by second. Try to "REMEMBER YOURSELF"... right now. You are closer to something Higher, each moment that you.. "wake up".

(Author of this site)

"Does the baby decide to become a child, ths sprig to become a tree? All HAPPENS"

(Rodney Collin)

"There are two streams of 'life' among humans. Those in the 'mainstream' where everything 'happens', life to death... and those seeking to "awaken", beginning to 'awaken', or 'awakened'. The FOURTH WAY is a 'way' to awakening."

(Author of this site)

"(He or she) who tries to go by the Fourth Way, must learn to be brave, good, and wise (simultaneously)..."

Rodney Collin

"If you lived as if the time of Jesus were at hand -- and The Master might come by you on the street at any time -- and know your thoughts - and see your actions - and know what is in your heart - and know the truth about you... ... you might live better.

He or she who does a turn of true good, does it before the eyes of divine consciousness. All good is good. Likewise, bad is bad. You must decide... what (level of person) do you want to be? Either the Devil shall have you, of the earth shall have you, or the Lord may."

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Jesus - according to Gospel of St. John - Chapter 14

"A burning question... what is that? One that forges a direction, and orientation, a magnetism, an axis in you. You must form your own... burning question. This is what Ouspensky was trying to say at the end of his earthly life. That at some point you must make the work personal not just technically effortful... but intimate, with your deeper essence of being and individual reality. I have a theory that part of awakening is forming your question rightly, then living the process to answer. Poet Ranier Maria Rilke said 'Live the question'.. that is a very high thing to be able to do, if your question is good, sincere, and profound."

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